What can Invisalign do?

What can Invisalign do?

Invisalign slowly works to straighten your teeth through a series of plastic aligners that you change it on a 2 weeks basis; each aligner rotates teeth little by little to achieve your new smile.

Invisalign allows you to have dental work without any significant effect to your daily life that you would experience while wearing braces; cleaning around metal, only eating soft food and having to avoid many contact sports.

Invisalign treatment can help your smile in the following ways:

Close gaps in teeth

Having gaps in your teeth can make even the most confident person feel self-conscious about flashing a smile.

The problems don’t stop there: having gaps in your teeth can result in long-term oral health problems too, such as increasing the risk of gum disease, tooth mobility and losing the tooth.

Being gap free means healthier, protected gums and a confident smile.

How does Invisalign fix this?

The aligners are designed to slowly shift the teeth into a new position, progressively closing the gaps.

Treat bite problems

Over bite, under bite, open bite, cross bite; it all comes down to jaw.

Having a misaligned jaw can cause severe discomfort around the ears, causing sensitivity, wear down your teeth irregularly. This is your jaw telling you it’s not feeling very comfortable and your teeth crying for help.

How does Invisalign fix this?

The position of your teeth affects the position of your jaw, by re-aligning the teeth; the bite will then be corrected. Be aware that Invisalign can only move your teeth around, no major changes to your jaw unless you opt for surgery which may be a costly procedure.

Treat crowded teeth

Whether your jaw is too small or your teeth are too big, an overcrowded mouth is tricky to handle.

Crowding makes flossing and cleaning very difficult. Not fixing this problem can make your teeth crooked and add complications resulting in cavities and tooth decay.

How does Invisalign fix this?

Before using Invisalign, your dentist may recommend shaving some your teeth or having some extractions, this will allow more room for your teeth to move.

After the necessary preparations, Invisalign will slowly re-align your teeth.

Save embarrassment

The stigma of having braces when you are a teenager can be seriously damaging to your self-confidence; adults refrain from dental work in fear of it damaging their love life, career or the chance of getting married.

Caring about your dental health should not be a burden, Invisalign gives you the comfort of not worrying about how you look while re-aligning your teeth.