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Epsom Dentist
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 by Stylus Ika

Ive just finished my Invisalign journey which took just over 1 and a half years. Dennis Cham and his team has been super friendly throughout the whole process. They made my journey feel so easy and were all so detailed in their work despite being so busy. Because of the hard work they've put in, my teeth looks so much better than it did when i first came in. Super friendly service and will continue using Epsom Dentists for future dental needs.

 by Sandra
Superb Treatment

I have just finished my Invisalign treatment and am absolutely thrilled with the results. The whole team at Epsom Dentists have been superb. They are efficient, friendly and highly professional, taking care to explain every step and ensure that I have been happy along the way. The whole process took just over and year and it's been worth every penny! I highly recommend this team.

 by Amanda C
Highly recommend!

Dennis Cham and his team have been wonderful from the start of my journey, and have continued to be so almost two years later! I was really nervous about starting Invisalign and the consultation process throughout the fitting, and the check up's have been so easy and problem free. I really like the fact that you are able to pay the braces off which was awesome for myself on a limited budget. Also they are open late and in the weekends which means they can always fit you in around a busy work schedule. I literally am so greatful for everything they have done and their attitude throughout. I cannot recommend them highly enough. If you're thinking of using Epsom Dentists - do ittt!!!

 by Janice

I have been with them for over 16 years. Really enjoy the friendly and professional service. Dr Cham and his staff has always been caring and kind. highlyb recommended

 by Amanda
Finding an Invisalign Provider

I did a lot of research about finding a provider to do my Invisalign treatment – which is SO important since you will be seeing them all the time. This research consisted mainly of googling. Apart from the main Invisalign website, I came across an ad for Epsom Dentists who were promoting a free Invisalign consultation. I gave them a call that day, and was pleasantly surprised to find out they were open weekends (which suited my schedule) and also able to fit me in really quick. I had my initial consultation with the nurse (Alisha) who was so nice, and explained everything so well, I felt really positive about the whole experience. So, at the end of my consult, I decided to proceed with the next step. There was a cost of around $350-ishdollars after the free consultation to take the moulds of my teeth, take X-rays and to have a consultation with the main dentist/orthodontist Dennis Cham to discuss the treatment options. Dr Dennis was fantastic, funny, and such a positive guy who explained in depth about what he can do, and about the options for me. He gave me three options, firstly the Invisalign, clear ceramic braces, or the traditional metal braces. For my case, he was clear that he would prefer to use normal metal braces, or clear braces as they would be possibly quicker, and perhaps easier in my case. I explained however that I was NOT interested in having traditional braces, and he accepted this without pushing and gave me a quote for all options for me to consider. I can honestly not give a higher praise for the team at Epsom Dentists, because I kept the dentist occupied for SO long but never felt hurried, and made me feel valued, and not just out to get money.

 by Mary Margall
My Confidence Has Returned And My Teeth Are Straight.

I was unsure about getting braces so when I learned about Invisalign, I was sold immediately. Epsom Dentists changed my life. The system is very different to what I imagined. In fact, it's brilliant! My confidence has returned, and my teeth are straight. Thanks, guys.

 by Peter Leary
Dental Hygiene For Healthy Teeth

I'd allowed dental hygiene to slip too low on my to do list but Peter at Epsom Dentists wasn't tolerating that. With deft fingers, neat workmanship and great diligence he spring cleaned my teeth. With him chasing after me about the importance of flossing I even do that now. The condition of my teeth really seems to matter to him as much as it should to me, which is comforting as I do know that dental hygiene is the basis of good dental care.

 by Philippa Leary
Dental Implant

Thanks to Dennis and his team for a pain-free dental implant which looks exactly like the original tooth and works better. An amazingly easy process (for the patient!). It takes a few visits + a visit to a tooth colour expert but then you are set for decades. The care, support and information Dennis provides to his patients is just great. Highly recommended.

 by Lesley Scott
An Amazing Journey!!

What an amazing journey over the last 3 or so years that is coming to a fantastic conclusion - my smile is virtually complete, with not a crooked tooth or gap in sight and my upper teeth having gone from being almost horizontal to being well aligned in the vertical position. All thanks to invisalign and the expertise of Dr. Dennis Cham and his friendly, professional team. They always have a smile on their faces and a warm greeting, and are happy to spend time explaining procedures and outcomes. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering dental work and tooth realignment - the difference it has made to me is unbelievable, and my friends and family are highly impressed with the difference it has made to my smile. Well worth the time spent going through the journey. Thank you.

Thank you, Lesley. We love having you here. The Team at Epsom Dentists

 by Leanne Read
I Was Too Embarrassed To Show My Teeth

"I was too embarrassed to show my teeth so I avoided smiling. Now I smile easily and love my new look, they are a wonderful friendly team of gentle caring people at Epsom Dentists, I was a real "scaredy cat" when I came to the visiting the dentist so If i can look forward to going to see this great dentists so can you"

Thanks Leanne. We are pleased we could help