Teeth Whitening

Achieving and maintaining good oral hygiene is a critical part of looking after your whole health. Continuous active care to maintain health is more comfortable, economical, and smarter for you.

If you are looking for teeth whitening in Auckland, then look no further than Epsom Dentists in 325 Manukau Road, Epsom. Specialists in Zoom Teeth Whitening at our Auckland Dental Clinic.

Epsom Dentists are Zoom teeth whitening specialists in Auckland. We have been practising teeth whitening since 1993.

Teeth Whitening Auckland Dentists

Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure

The Zoom procedure has become one of the best and most up to date procedures and is easy to apply. It is fast, much more effective and very safe to use.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Auckland Dentists

The Clinical Nurse will spend time with you to make sure you are comfortable and ready to have your teeth whitened.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Auckland Dentists

Your lips and gums are moved away from your teeth.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Auckland Dentists

The Zoom Whitening gel is applied to the teeth.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Auckland Dentists

A blue light is placed in front of the patient’s teeth; this is to activate the gel that whitens the teeth. The gel then penetrates through the teeth to remove the stains. The procedure will take just over an hour to complete and you are all done. Your teeth are whiter and your smile is wider.

Advantages and Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Interest Free Finance

You can enjoy a 0% finance teeth whitening service

Radiating Smile

You will just know that your smile radiates, eliminating any previous smile inhibition that exists because you subconsciously do not want to reveal your stained teeth.

Boost Self Confidence

It brings an additional measure of self-esteem when you are going for that special job interview, a special date or anticipated social event.

Brings Out the Positivity

It makes a positive difference in the way you look and act.  Unconsciously, you will be more outgoing, animated, and energized.

Look Good and Feel Good

You will look and feel younger, more attractive, and more vital.

Smile and Change the World

If you are ready to change your smile, teeth whitening is the quickest and least expensive way to do it!”


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Zoom Teeth Whitening Auckland Dentists

Virtually Invisible Solution, Visible Result