Sedation Dentistry

At Epsom Dentists, we pride ourselves on making our valued patients feel safe and relaxed with our expert sedation care carried out by professionals. Relax and rest while you get your dental procedure done.

A lot of patients are very nervous when it comes to seeing a dentist and having the treatment done, so sedation will provide a way which patients can have EVERYTHING done in only ONE appointment and they will feel very relaxed and some may even go to sleep throughout the treatment.

Our team is experts in Sedation Dentistry which mean our clients know they are in safe hands and have no fear.
The term “Sedation Dentistry” refers to one of the safest and most enjoyable ways to get all types of dental treatment done effortlessly.

Sedation Dentistry Auckland Dentists

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The benefits of sedation dentistry are you only usually require one or two visits to our clinic which means more time relaxing at home or work versus being at the dentist. Sedation dentistry allows you to spend more time in the dental chair while being fully relaxed but still conscious. Our patients don’t remember much of the procedures and all report feeling relaxed and very happy with the whole process. We are well known as being very gentle with our valued clients.

At Epsom Dentists we are experts in oral sedation and all our sedation procedures are carried out by our skilled professionals Dr Cham. Your safety and well being is our priority at Epsom Dentists Auckland.

Benefits and Features of Sedation Dentistry

No Additional Fees

We offer oral sedation for your treatment at no extra cost.

Few Doctor Visits

You only usually require one or two visits to our clinic which means more time relaxing at home or work versus being at the dentist

Full Relaxation

This procedure allows you to rest and relax on a dental chair most of the time while still being conscious

Gentle Process

You can achieve a happy and relaxed experience throughout the entire process.

Absolutely Safe

You need not worry of harmful effects to your dental well being after the procedure

Easy To Administer

Oral sedation is one of the easiest form of dental process because all you have to do is swallow the pill an hour or so before your appointment, and you’ll be feeling relaxed by the time your appointment starts


What Our Patients Say About Us

Sedation Dentistry Auckland Dentists

Virtually Invisible Solution, Visible Result