5 Benefits of Sedation

5 Benefits of Sedation

Sedation dentistry is a safe and carefree approach to relaxing patients during their dental appointments.

Patients are known to avoid in receiving necessary treatment until the last minute which could change a simple fix into something much more complicated.

The reason for this? Fear. Sedation is a simple and very effective resolution to this fear. We believe that no one should feel stress and the anxiety when visiting the dentist, which is why we are proud to offer this approach prior receiving a dental treatment.

What is sedation?

Sedation uses a combination of techniques which can include anything from sedation tablets to nitrous oxide or general anesthesia to help relax patients to ensure a stress-free dental experience.

In most cases, you will still be awake for the procedure, but too relaxed to have any concern for what is happening – some people fall asleep because they are so relaxed. However, if you wish to be unconscious for the procedure this can be guaranteed by using general anesthesia.

These methods solve the problem of dental phobias or anxiety, and even panic attacks, that may prevent you from following through with dental care.

Why Should I Consider Sedation?

No Trauma

Proceeding with dental treatment when you know you are nervous or prone to panicking can cause trauma and fear of future dental appointments. Doing surgery under these conditions is not only traumatic for you but can be difficult for your dentist too.

After being sedated, you won’t remember a lot of what happened, which will prevent any dental anxiety or fear in the future.

Everything Can Be Done at Once

Without sedation, too much pain or pressure often means that you will have to get a complex surgery completed over several sessions in the chair. The benefit of being under sedation is that you can get everything done at once.

By doing this, you will cut a significant amount of time for recovery. Rather than needing several days to recover after each session you receive, you can get back to work the next day and enjoy the pain-free time that you would have otherwise lost.

No Phobias

Sedation has reduced the chances of dental phobias because of a particularly bad experience in the chair, as no pain or stress is caused. It has gained popularity as even those who once quivered at the thought of going to the dentist can now be in the chair for a long period of time.

No Extra Costs

Comfort and relaxation should be free, at Epsom Dentists, it is!

Patients often opt for the uncomfortable route because of the cost of sedation. By receiving sedation at Epsom Dentists, you can feel calm and confident about looking after your teeth without any additional costs.

Safe and Easy

Relaxation means fast healing. As you will not remember the procedure happening, you will leave the dentist knowing that you have been in safe hands throughout your procedure.

From start to finish, your dental appointment will be a breeze. All you need to do is take a pill an hour or so before your appointment and your dentist will take care of the rest.