Metal Braces versus Plastic Braces

Metal Braces versus Plastic Braces

Metal braces vs. Invisalign cost


It is no secret that Epsom Dentists are passionate about teeth straightening and have been providing braces in Auckland since 1993, providing amazing solutions using both  metal and plastic braces, however we do get asked a lot by our valued clients which is the best system to use. “Should I go for  metal braces or plastic braces and what brand of braces is the best or most efficient?”
Here is a video showing the benefits of Invisalign braces that may help you decide

Dr Cham at Epsom Dentists has prepared a short report to help answer these much asked questions and make your braces decision easier.

We refer to Invisalign Invisible braces as plastic braces as this helps sum up some of the benefits of Invisible braces i.e the plastic is a smooth surface that is not a risk to the surrounding tissue and of course being invisible means no embarrassment when out and about. Because the braces are made of plastic, straight away the client has that major benefit which  should be considered when making a decision on which braces system you want. However the other consideration is the cost of metal braces over invisible braces.

However metal braces still have their place in the market and at Epsom Dentists we still do a lot of metal braces for our clients. Although alot of people think metal braces can be hard on the skin tissue around the mouth, it is seldom we see damage that is substantial. It depends heavily on the clients lifestyle and the types of activities they do in their leisure time.

So here are the pros and cons of both teeth straightening braces systems

Lets start with Metal Braces


1. Cost effective
2. Proven in the market for 50 years
3. Upgrades in recent years have made the braces safer to the mouth
4. Similar timeline to straighten the teeth as Invisalign invisible braces
5. Interest FREE finance available at Epsom Dentist on metal braces which helps with the payment


1. Metal braces still can damage mouth tissue if the skin is impacted such as in a sporting incident as example
2. The metal braces are difficult to keep clean so can present a hygiene issue if through cleaning is not maintained
3. The physically look of metal braces can make people self conscious and cause embarrassment
4. Metal braces can cause mouth ulcers so due care must be taken and attention to this issue is important

Invisalign Braces


1. Very smooth which means no damage to skin tissue
2. Cost effective (Slightly higher than metal braces)
3. Invisalign braces can be removed for cleaning purpose so they present a better option for those concerned about oral hygiene
4. Plastic braces are invisible which means people are not self conscious about wearing them
5. Highly effective and easy to wear
6 Interest FREE finance available at Epsom Dentists


1. Slightly higher cost as a percentage compared with metal braces

Invisalign are very smooth and this means no impact or damage on the lips or gums plus another major advantage is no mouth ulcers.

Metal braces are not smooth, however they are not as rough as the old braces that were around 30-50 years ago. Interesting to note that 20 people a day in Auckland type into the search engine metal braces cost.

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