Why Invisalign?

Why Invisalign?

Why Invisalign? Why not! Aren’t you tired of looking at your crocked teeth, the gaps and over bite? Are you sick of smiling with your mouth closed? Invisalign is the best way to help fix this. Gone are the days of painful ugly braces. Invisalign is a series of clear removable braces that are designed specifically to straighten and correct teeth your teeth.

Invisalign is so easy and convent it is hard to fault.  With only a few appointments Dr Cham is able to design your treatment for you. You’ll receive an email of a movie showing you how your teeth will move and progress throughout the treatment. You are actually able to see your whole treatment before it begins! The best part about this is that patients are able to ask questions and make sure they are 100% happy before their treatment begins. Dr Cham will show you how your teeth are expected to look after treatment. Patient’s love this as they can visualise how beautiful their teeth are going to look in the near future.

Now if you still need more convincing toward Invisalign, the price is another great factor. Invisalign starts from $6000, this varies of course depending on the length and complexity of your treatment. The great thing is we offer interest free monthly payments for the duration of your treatment. The only upfront fee we require is the first payment. This is $3500; of course we understand that is not loose change so we do offer financial help such as GE or Q card.

Why should you choose Epsom Dentists? Dr Cham is very experienced with Invisalign; in fact he is the top provider in all of New Zealand with almost 1000 patients. We also offer free consultations with our clinical nurse, so get in touch. Come in, have a look at some aligners and let our friendly and knowledgeable nurses explain to you in more depth how Invisalign works and how it will benefit you. If you are still unconvinced see the amazing results Epsom Dentists offer for yourself, check out some before and after photos below.

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