TOP 8 Reasons to Why Invisalign is the Better Choice

TOP 8 Reasons to Why Invisalign is the Better Choice

Are you or someone in your family considering getting that commercial like smile? Sure, there are many options available for getting the job done, but not many alternatives offer the amount of comfort and benefits that you’ll see with Invisalign.

Using regular braces, you may experience the following: soreness, discomfort, mouth sores and injuries brought on by the splint wires, dental decay (from restricted brushing and flossing), plaque buildup, tooth tinting and the likes.

The cost of Invisalign treatment is almost comparable to that of traditional metal braces, but only your dentist can determine the cost influenced by specific needs and will work together with you to customize your own plan.

While end result may appear identical with that of veneers or wearing metal braces, when people stop and compare Invisalign to other teeth-straightening solutions, the difference becomes really clear. Knowing the advantages and drawbacks of just about every option early will help you create a well informed decision.

Having said that, here are our TOP 8 Reason to Why Invisalign is the Better-informed Choice

  • Overall Aesthetics- You get clear aligners that are nearly invisible compared to conventional braces.
  • Time-The time is normally comparable of having traditional braces
  • Comfort – There are no wires and sharp corners like with conventional braces.
  • Results – Invisalign can move teeth in ways that sometime the braces can’t.
  • Risk Reduction – With Invisalign, there are less risk of shrinking of teeth roots due to the excessive force that can be applied with conventional braces.
  • Savings time – There are fewer dental visits than conventional braces.
  • Better breath smell – It is almost impossible to completely clean around conventional braces which leaves you with “braces breath.” With Invisalign, you can remove your aligners completely to floss and brush normally. There are also less risk of gingivitis and hyperplasia (gums growing up over the brackets) because you are able to clean your teeth better.
  • TMD Reliever – TMD disorder is a condition involving pain or tenderness in the muscles and/or joint that control jaw movement, with the pain sometimes referring beyond these areas. This pain includes jaw pain, jaw popping or clicking, or pain in the face, eyes, neck, head, and pain when you chew or open wide. Invisalign can help relieve TMD symptoms when worn 20 hours per day, the aligners act like a splint to potentially relieve pain.