The 10 top benefits of having a healthy mouth and cleaning your teeth correctly

The 10 top benefits of having a healthy mouth and cleaning your teeth correctly

Benefits of having a healthy mouth by Kody (Epsom dentist Fan!!)

Well we all like to have a fresh breath, shiny teeth and healthy gums and the benefits of having a healthy mouth are endless. There are many pleasant things that may not be considered when you are about to slip into bed at night after a long day and can’t be bothered to brush your teeth. You may reconsider these actions after reading the benefits of having regular dentists visits and brushing your teeth correctly.

These include:

* Morning snuggles and kisses goodbye to your beautiful loved one.

* Getting to smile at everyone on the train and bus in your morning trip to work and automatically improving everyone’s day by your extravagant smile.

* Once arriving at your workplace, setting the mood with your colleagues and friends through jokes and laughter.

* If you happen to love your smile that little bit extra, your daily mid-morning visit to the bathroom to brush away the coffee stains will ensure your mind and body a quick refresher to resume your work in a positive state.

* If the paparazzi happen to be on the street while you are on your lunch break – you won’t feel shy in being that extra happy person in the background.
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* By having regular visits to your favourite dentist, these lunch breaks complete with delightful treats, won’t fill your well beloved teeth with cavities. We all on the odd occasion try to eat healthy “mouth” foods but sugars, acids and alkaline all impact on our teeth and could be the culprits to assist in decay and damage to our teeth

* Your favourite dentist will give you extra jelly beans if you take good care of your teeth to ensure you keep brushing your teeth as well as your next visit. (Ok I slipped this one in but I love Jelly Beans)

* Overall positive health and well-being is a benefit of having a healthy mouth, as our teeth, tongue,breath, gums and tonsils are all linked to the rest of our vital organs and functions of our body.

* If you take good care of your teeth your loving children will be able to focus on your eyes instead of your teeth while they are listening to your important life advice. 🙂

* On your trip home from work you may be lucky enough to land a seat next to the man/women you’ve had a liking too and you will get to flash your grin as well as your fluttery eyes.

* For those of us lucky in love, your partner will already be in waiting for your healthy, shiny smile and be ready to receive a big smooch at the end of long, hard working day. A day that was filled with many moments of flashing that gorgeous smile. 🙂 🙂

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Happy days and happy smiles for all!

Come and see our expert, friendly team at Epsom Dentists to ensure your teeth are happy and shiny!