What is Sedation Dentistry and Who Needs It?

What is Sedation Dentistry and Who Needs It?

Dentistry is the process of studying, diagnosis, prevention, treatment and correction of conditions of the oral cavity, commonly of the teeth. Though dentists are friends and can help protect and nurture our teeth, one can argue that the procedures of some of their services can be intimidating to a few patients while others may be a little too painful to be undergone without medical assistance. As such, just like in other branches of medicine; the use of medicinal sedatives is an option in dentistry. Sedation dentistry can provide relaxation, comfort and better experience while doing the procedure; hence this option is commonly practised by dentists worldwide. Here are some patients who may benefit from sedation dentistry.

  1. Kids and/or first timers

Kids or those who may be visiting the dentist for the first time can feel daunted by the clinic and the dentist’s presence. Just imagine how thankful they would be when they find out that medical sedation is an option in undergoing dental procedures. Not only do kids feel more comfortable, they would also feel safer.


  1. Those with anxiety

Talking about intimidation, anyone who gets a sudden burst of anxiety when dental day hits the calendar can also benefit greatly from sedation dentistry. Whether the anxiety is purely behavioural or the more complicated psychological, dentists would recommend sedation dentistry to patients who have a hard time relaxing so that they can have a better dental experience.


  1. Patients with low pain tolerance

Fear and anxiety are not the only problems that sedation dentistry can fix, more physical and obvious problems such as dental pains can be kissed goodbye thanks to the procedure. While dentists are trained to deliver results with maximum precision under minimal pain, some patients may find the slight pain is a little too much to bear, hence sedation dentistry is a good option.


  1. Patients undergoing lengthy/painful surgeries

Yes, some procedures may be a long or painful session and can be too much for even the most hardened patients. Patients may find these procedures intolerable, especially when doing surgical or multiple extraction or teeth restorations. For this sort of problem, simple sedatives are recommended.


Sedation dentistry is of huge help in the dental industry. They make patients less nervous and give dentists better control of the situation. If you feel anxious about your upcoming dental operation, feel free to ask your dentists about the sedation options available.