Patient’s Question: Am I an Invisalign Candidate?

Patient’s Question: Am I an Invisalign Candidate?

Invisalign’s popularity cannot be denied, it is a fast-rising trend which may soon become the norm in teeth straightening. In a decade or two, traditional braces may become obsolete as more and more people are realizing the advantage of Invisalign. They are unnoticeable and painless, so it is no wonder people would choose them over braces. Now one might wonder, am I qualified for Invisalign? Is the new method available to everyone? Or is it just for a select few whose criteria fits the method? Well, the truth is there are very little restrictions to Invisalign’s application. Often anyone who can wear traditional braces can wear them as well. However, there are some might benefit more than others and we recommend opting for Invisalign. Here are some of them:

Teens – We can all remember at least one or two classmates who wore traditional braces and sometimes that classmate is us. Though some do not mind them, there are those who find wearing traditional braces awkward and uncomfortable because of the pain or obstructed feeling. These are some issues that Invisalign’s seamless nature aim to solve.

Businessmen and public speakers – Client meetings, presentations, event lunch and formal dinners are all part of every entrepreneur’s routine, and in these engagements, appearance would often play a vital role. Invisalign can straighten one’s teeth without the awkward dental distractions. Just as the name implies, Invisalign is invisible and they are also painless and can be removed upon the wearer’s own discretion. Anyone who needs to engage in lengthy conversations or public speaking will surely find comfort in the method’s comfortable features.

Models and on-camera talents – Attending VTRs and auditions can be a nightmare if a certain distraction such as acne suddenly appears on your face. But what if that distraction is even more prominent – your smile? As mentioned above, Invisalign is invisible, seamless and can be removed upon the wearer’s decision. Hence, the product is perfect for those who require looks and acting talents as a means of living.

Anyone without severe alignment problems – True, there are almost zero restrictions to who can wear Invisalign and there is no age limit for anyone to do the treatment with Invisalign. However, those with more serious cases like severe over/under bite and overly crooked teeth may need a different treatment in addition to Invisalign.

You dentist will always know what’s best for you. It is therefore crucial to put oneself in highly-capable hands upon deciding to undergo the magnificent new treatment.