Nip it in the Bud: 5 Ways to Get Your Kid to Brush Their Teeth

Nip it in the Bud: 5 Ways to Get Your Kid to Brush Their Teeth

Getting your children to brush their teeth regularly can be a chore in itself. It is a stressful time for everyone. As soon as the toothbrush comes out – a tantrum will soon follow. With guaranteed tears, you may feel that there is no hope of a smooth bedtime routine.

Teaching your children about the importance of dental hygiene is no easy feat. It needs to be part of their routine from an early age where possible, but sadly, to children there are much more important things in life than dental care. Finding out what is happening in their latest favorite TV programme will always come first.

Luckily, there is a way around it. To make children more excited about the boring things in life, a little creativity can go a long way – turning the battle into a breeze.

An Electrical Toothbrush

Get some power behind this boring task with an electric toothbrush.

Having an electric toothbrush not only ensures the job will be done properly but also adds a little fun. Electric toothbrushes come in all shapes and sizes, with colourful fun designs that are often related to the newest craze that kids prioritise so much. If Captain America was helping them to brush their teeth, they’d be running to the bathroom, with their toothbrush in hand.

Make It A Game

Playing one of their favourite (and hopefully around 2-minute) songs while your child brushes will spice things up a bit. Try making it a game to see if they can keep brushing until the song finishes. This is a great way to get your child engaged; brushing and dancing away.

Pick Their Own

Brands have your back. Getting your child to pick their own toothbrush and toothpaste is a great way to conjure up some excitement around brushing their teeth. Well-known, trusted brands have interesting, child-friendly packaging that will inspire your kids to use their toothbrush. Children care about these simple things as it will make them happy to be able to use their Power Rangers toothbrush, making the task a little easier.

Explain in Their Words

Kids don’t care about what they don’t understand. When explaining the importance of dental health, break through this barrier by using simple emotions to explain why it’s important. You can get creative with this by turning it into a puppet show using their favourite toys. Alternatively, you can find many videos with fun characters in the internet that can do the job for you.

Join in the Fun

It’s no secret that children follow example and dental hygiene is no exception – by brushing alongside them you are setting the standards for what should be done. You can do this by incorporating some of the examples above into the mix. Why not dance alongside them to their favourite song?