Living a Life with Invisalign

We have to admit, looks often play a vital role in the professional world. Whether it is a client presentation, lunch meeting, public speaking, sales or a simple job interview, a nice appearance and a captivating smile can make the difference between victory and failure. It is no wonder people are often willing to spend just to improve their appearance. Among the many ways, one’s looks can improve is through teeth straightening.

Prior to Invisalign, traditional braces have been the single most effective method of teeth straightening. Patients would need to wear these obstructive and extremely uncomfortable contraptions for years to correct their teeth alignment. Wearing these traditional braces can also be awkward to some as it warps the smile, and Invisalign is here to solve these problems. Founded in 1997, Invisalign has become an alternative to traditional braces, more and more people are now opting for Invisalign over traditional braces since Invisalign eliminates the problems of wearing traditional braces. Now one may ask, what is it like to wear Invisalign? Well, Invisalign makes the wearer feel he/she is not undergoing any correction procedure and here are the reasons why:

Invisible – Like its namesake, Invisalign is near unnoticeable. It is made of a clear plastic which gently moves teeth to align in place. No wires, no panels, just a removable plastic aligner that will correct alignment.

Seamless – It is less bulky for the wearer, since it is shaped around your teeth, it is comfortable and feels almost like nothing. Gone are the issues of obstruction with this innovative method.

Painless – Among the common complaints about traditional braces is the pain it causes. It happens when the metal wire punctures the sides of the mouth. Invisalign forgoes the wires, hence, the issue of pain is eliminated.

Removable – When attached, traditional braces can only be removed by a dentist. This is detrimental to businessmen, models and on-cam talents who need unobstructed smile in their daily engagement. Invisalign can be put on and removed by the wearer themselves anytime.

It’s innovative and incredibly comfortable, its removable nature gives the wearer a sense of being in control. Gone are the days when one must wear metallic contraptions just to correct their teeth alignment. Never again must a customer feel the pain and discomfort that goes with teeth straightening. As the saying goes, necessity breeds innovation and Invisalign solves the problems of its predecessor.