Keep Teeth Straight After an Orthodontic Treatment

Keep Teeth Straight After an Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is a way of straightening or moving teeth to improve position and appearance to enhance their overall looks. In order to achieve this, people don’t mind spending fees to get that perfect smile of well-aligned teeth. However, once teeth are straightened, it doesn’t mean that the result will stay the same forever. Yes, even treated teeth can revert back to its old crooked form. How can we prevent this from happening? Here as some ways to maintain straight teeth after orthodontic treatment.

Use retainers

Use of retainers depends on your dentist’s recommendation and findings. Usually prescribed upon the completion of your active orthodontic treatment, retainers will be maintained for a certain length of time, normally long term to avoid any undesirable teeth movement.

Maintain good oral hygiene

Now you may ask, how is this relevant? Just imagine, if one or more teeth are removed due to cavities, there is a tendency for the remaining teeth to shift/tilt to fill the gap. At the same time, flossing and regular trips to the dentist for a routine checkup and scaling can also minimise the risk of your teeth moving after a course of orthodontic treatment if the gums are healthy and don’t have periodontal disease.




Protect your teeth

Cavities are not the only bane of your teeth. Just like any other bones of your body, a sharp and powerful blow can dislodge or misalign your teeth. It is recommended for sporty clients to wear protective gear such as helmets and mouthguards. At the same time, do not brush your teeth too hard as it can cause damage to them as well.


Be mindful of shifting

Teeth sometimes move especially during the first 6 months after your treatment. If you see or notice the movement, contact your dentist immediately. Make sure you bring your retainers to the appointment too so your dentist can check whether the move is caused by your retainers or other problem.