Facts to Remember About Teeth Whitening

Facts to Remember About Teeth Whitening

Keeping teeth clean does not necessarily make it whiter.

With all its social advantages, who wouldn’t want sparkling white teeth? In a social setting, having whiter teeth can be somewhat compared to having a blemish free skin; whoever has it gains more confidence over their peers with less impressive visage. One also can bear in mind the scores of advertisements promoting whiter teeth and bright smile as a tool to make social exercises more effortless.

Teeth Whitening Lady

It is no wonder people would spend time, effort and money to get whiter teeth, with common efforts including choosing a toothpaste with whitening action and brushing frequently. However, what most people don’t know is that maintaining dental hygiene does not necessarily make teeth whiter, and whiter teeth do not necessarily mean it is clean. For those who were not blessed with natural white teeth, a little more endeavour than brushing is required.

One popular and deemed effective method is the so-called Zoom Teeth Whitening. It is a process wherein a hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to teeth and is shown via an overhead UV lamp. Unlike traditional teeth whitening methods which can take a gruelling procedure mostly involving months, ZOOM Teeth Whitening involves the only one session and noticeable results are present right after the procedure. Treatments last for about an hour, and its non-invasive nature makes it comfortable for clients. While there are those who prefer to use home-based procedure due to their convenience, ZOOM Teeth Whitening is more efficient since clients trust their teeth whitening unto professional hands.

Undergoing the procedure involves a four-step process, and they are as follows:


Teeth Whitening Client With Dentist

This step involves the briefing and assessment, the attending nurse makes sure you are comfortable and ready for the procedure.








Setting your mouth

Teeth Whitening Mouth SettingOnce ready, you will be assisted unto the dentist’s chair. There, your lips and gums will be separated from the teeth using a lip retractor.









Gel application

Teeth Whitening ActivationThe ZOOM gel will then be applied to teeth.






Gel activation

Teeth Whitening Final

An overhead UV lamp will then be used to activate the gel which in turn will whiten teeth. The gel is expected to set and penetrate teeth to remove stains, it usually takes an hour to complete.







After the procedure, the lip retractor will be removed and any excess gel will be wiped off. Teeth will be noticeably whiter; hence the advantages of the newly undergone treatment can be reaped immediately. Client satisfaction has been consistently high after the procedure. As the client gets up from the dentist’s chair, s/he is now endowed with a new level of confidence. So, if you are up for innovative, fast and effective teeth whitening procedure, the ZOOM Teeth Whitening is available at Epsom Dentists.