Best Foods for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Best Foods for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Teeth and gum health are not that hard to maintain. There are a lot vitamin-packed foods that can back you up in keeping that smile of yours timeless.

Cheese, Milk & Yoghurt

According to a report published on General Dentistry, dairy products such as cheese reduces the risk of having a tooth decay. This is due to the pH level increase of the mouth every time it is consumed. Among the dairy product rich in calcium, yoghurt and milk are also on top of the list. According to American Dental Association, milk and yoghurt also contains calcium phosphate and casein that keep the tooth enamel strong and healthy. Not only that, aside from calcium, these wonderfoods are also rich in potassium that is essential in keeping your gums healthy by supporting the bone structure of your mouth. These potassium-rich foods allow blood clotting in your gums to heal more quickly.

But don’t worry if you are lactose intolerant because the variety of foods that will keep your teeth and gums healthy are countless.

Green & Leafy Vegetables

You will never go wrong with green and leafy vegetables. The top-notchers are spinach, broccoli & celery. These Vitamin E-rich foods that has been found to prevent periodontal diseases is also responsible for decreasing inflammation and oxidation of gum tissues. It can also strengthen teeth enamel with its high amount of calcium and Folic Acid.

Apple & Pineapple

Citrus fruits in general are good for the teeth because it has the ability to alkalize the mouth. It also contains Vitamin C that is essential in keeps the gums strong. Apples on the other hand are rich in water & fiber that helps in the production of saliva that becomes a filter for bacteria.

Seafoods, red meats, eggs

These foods are rich in protein and iron that boosts your body’s immune system in order to effectively fight gum diseases and oral infections. Red meat also contains an abundant supply of Phosphorous that helps in absorption of calcium. Aside from these red meat, fish, poultry and almonds are also rich in Vitamin B (Niacin & Riboflavin) that reduces oral inflammation and mouth sores.

Green & Black Tea

This drink contains polyphenols that are responsible for the slow build-up of plaque and thus prevents bad breath. At the same time black tea also contains Fluoride. Fluoride is the major content of toothpastes that gives a protective coating on the enamel to prevent tooth decay. It is quite amazing that fluoride can also be found on tap water.

By sticking to your oral hygiene and by incorporating these on your diet, it’s a guarantee that your smile can last a lifetime.