Ask Your Dentist: Can You Eat or Chew Gum with Invisalign?

Ask Your Dentist: Can You Eat or Chew Gum with Invisalign?

Introduced during the earlier years of the 2000s, Invisalign has been the fastest rising trend in teeth straightening for years. And why wouldn’t it be? Invisalign has its set of advantages over the traditional metallic braces. After all, an innovation would always outdo traditional methods.

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Firstly, there is the look – who could forget the literally shining smiles that they had when they wore metallic braces during younger years? Aside from looks, there is the issue of comfort since metallic braces wearers would often complain of stabbing pain due to small portion of the wires protruding at the sides. Sometimes these wires can also puncture or scratch the sides of the mouth which lead to safety issues. Invisalign eliminates the need for dental wax, which customers use to prevent the pain that goes with the protruding wires. Invisalign is designed for a more convenient choice for patients.

But before you get full-on excited with this new method, take into consideration the restrictions that come with it. Just like with braces, the most common restriction is with diet. Indeed, some foods are off limits when wearing Invisalign and the most restricted food when wearing the device would be chewing gum. Gums sticks to the aligners and can cause quite the hassle when trying to get rid of all the residue.  Plus, the fact that Invisalign is constructed out of plastic, though they may be design to apply enough pressure to straighten teeth they are not designed to withstand pressure themselves. Chewing puts pressure on the aligners and could cause cracks to it if done continuously. On saying this, if you really want to chew some gums occasionally, we only recommend chewing sugar-free gums or lollies

Now one may ask, is the device safe to use? Invisalign is 100% safe but just like any other tool, you also need to take care of them so they would not cause any problems. Do not falter though; you can still chew on your favorite flavours while undergoing the treatment, just make sure to remove the aligners first before you do. For more information, give Epsom Dentists a call @ 09 630 6883 or visit for a Free Orthodontic Consultation today!