10 Things You Need to Know Before Straightening Your Teeth

Deciding to straighten your teeth comes with a great range of options. Unfortunately, it also comes with many questions and nerves.

As dentists and Orthodontists, it is essential we blast the myths and queries out the water so you can make the best choice for you.

We’ve put together some facts that will assist you in the process of making your decision.

Orthodontists and Dentists You Can Trust

When discussing your alignment options, you must talk with your Dentist or Orthodontist to agree upon the best method, so that he/she can create the perfect treatment plan for you.  At Epsom Dentists, we are more than happy to recommend suitable Orthodontist or Dentist to carry out your treatment.

Invisalign/Braces May Not Be Suitable for Everyone

In most cases, Invisalign can achieve the ideal results easier than with braces, but at the same time, there may be cases where braces will be a better tool compared to Invisalign. No matter which tool you choose, it is always easier to start treatment at a younger age.  Contact your local Orthodontist or Dentists for a free consultation is the best way to start.  We are happy to suggest good clinician in your area to you.

You Will Occasionally Be in Pain

No matter the treatment you receive, you are moving and re-aligning your teeth; this forces your body to do something it does not really want to, so it’s going to hurt a little.

Straight Teeth Isn’t Everything – Alignment Can Do So Much More

This may be your objective, but alignment treatments are capable of so much more. Crooked or misaligned teeth are caused by many things; we want to get to the root of the problem and fix it; it’s much more than what is on the surface.

Invisalign May Not Be for You

The idea of straightening your teeth without anyone knowing sounds fantastic. However, everyone has different reasons for needing to straighten their teeth, aesthetics will not always win. Some may find that braces are a better option to correct their misaligned teeth if they are not a compliant/disciplined patient (E.g. Teenagers) that will be able to wear the aligners willingly according to your Orthodontist’s or Dentist’s instructions.

Costs and Timeline Are Different for Everyone

If you hadn’t guessed it already, alignment processes are different for everyone; the same goes for the cost and time of your individual treatment. With great advancement in technology, Invisalign and braces are now available for around the same cost. However, this can vary if your treatment plan is more complex. You can expect to have a longer and more expensive treatment if this is the case.

Changing Orthodontists’ is Costly and Detrimental to Your Treatment

When doing braces treatment, it will require you to be living in one country or province for the duration of your treatment. Moving far from your current location and changing Orthodontist is extremely expensive as it often means you will have to re-start and pay again for your treatment at your new Orthodontists’ request. However, with Invisalign, as the aligners are manufactured all at once, if one has to leave for good, your Orthodontist can simply give you all the aligners, instruct you on how to continue wearing the aligners and your teeth will still be straightened even without your Orthodontist’s presence!  Let us know your concern, and we are happy to direct you to an Orthodontist who is suitable to you.

Braces Require Extra Dedication to Oral Hygiene

Braces are an extra obstacle when it comes to maintaining a healthy mouth. This requires you to be extra vigilant when cleaning your teeth. It is not particularly difficult; however, it does require patience when flossing and replacing your tooth brush a little more often than normal as your braces will wear down the brush much faster.

Allergies You Didn’t Know About

If you choose braces, you may discover that you are allergic to nickel; surprise! When you have your braces fitted for the first time you must pay attention to your body’s reaction to the metal. Yes, you will be in pain, but tell your Orthodontist if anything unusual happens; you could be having an allergic reaction.  We can recommend a good Orthodontist who is an expert in this field.

Most Consultations Are Free

We understand this is an expensive process and how important it is to have all the information you possibly can, so most consultations are completely free of charge.